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Online school of foreign languages Friends School – is a friendly staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers. Due to Skype, nowadays people of all ages and any profession, from different corners of Ukraine, near and far abroad have opportunity to learn the most popular European languages that are in demand.

  • Study where you want and when it is convenient for you: everything you need is Internet access;
  • Our teaching programs are specially tailored to the needs of wide range of people from beginner to proficient level;
  • Each individual lesson will be thoroughly thought-out to the very smallest detail;
  • You will be in all-time contact with you teacher;
  • You can not only to learn foreign language but also immerge in foreign culture.

Online learning is the most useful invention of mankind. Thanks to successful experience of Europe and The United States, the efficiency of online learning doesn’t leave doubts in anybody. Unfortunately, this type of teaching has recently put into practice and now only gains popularity.

Friends School is online school of foreign language learning on Skype. Due to this type of learning, you can study foreign languages on maternity leave, at work, on holiday- anywhere and anytime you feel like it!

  • Conducting face-to- face lesson on Skype, the teacher can hear and see a student fine; that it is important to achieve mutual understanding;
  • Modern technologies enable to conduct lessons that include such elements as; reading, speaking, listening, and viewing videos

The first lesson at our school is absolutely free of charge and does not oblige you to anything. Why should you try?

Why didn’t you manage to learn foreign language, while visiting courses?

  • Backwardness from group: there are a lot of reasons for it; when you miss the classes, that lead to “learning gaps”, because of these gaps you will start to lag behind your group;
  • Waste of time: if you waste time to reach somewhere in average 2 hours a day, throughout standard 4 months you will be driving back and forth at least 64 hours, that is roughly equal to loss of 3 days and nights;
  • Changes in life: changing the place of residence, rescheduling working hours, pregnancy or cold-all these factors facilitate ceasing of learning foreign languages and all material you have learned, you quickly forget;
  • Misunderstanding: classes in big groups and lack of mutual understanding with teacher are the factors that hinder fruitful learning.

If you have ever faced with such situation in the process of teaching and this hindered you to learn new language- online school of foreign languages Friends School will be glad to invite you to the first lesson! We are always glad to new students and take care of each lesson will be maximum interesting and captivating.

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