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Foreign Language Teachers

Abobucar Camara
Languages: English, French
Education:National University of Guinea, Cambridge Teacher Training Course
Country:Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Lidia Yahiaoui
Languages: French
Education:Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France
Country:Toulouse, France
Tatiana Grinko
Languages: Chinese, French, Russian
Education:Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Country:Kyiv, Ukraine
Svetlana Trubnikova
Languages: French, Romanian
Education:Chernivtsi National University, Department of Philology
Country:Bucharest, Romania
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Our teachers are specialists with higher linguistic and pedagogical education and work experience of 3 years and beyond. In 70% cases these are people, who leave in a country where the native language is the one they teach. So, our students learn live, relevant language and can immerse into the culture of these countries. We take very seriously the formation of the staff, therefore, when considering the teacher’s candidacy, we pay attention to both professional competence and communication style, the ability to hear the student and understand his individual needs, the skills of selecting the optimal approach and methods that will achieve the goals with the best results as soon as possible.

Teachers of foreign languages via Skype

Our teachers of foreign languages via Skype undergo the procedure of employment in several stages. On average, only 10% of applicants become part of the Friends School online school team.

The process of online education is an effective format and the lessons are always fascinating and interesting.

  • Our teachers can provoke your interest you in the world of foreign languages and other cultures;
  • We combine traditional methods of teaching foreign languages, as well as modern communication exercises;
  • Our teachers are not only professionals but also interesting personalities. You will be glad to communicate with them.

The CVs of some our teachers are not available on the website yet. When enrolling in a course, you will receive detailed information about their education and work experience by e-mail and will be able to choose the teacher that suits you best.

Thorough selection of teachers
All our teachers have higher philological education
All tutors have international certificates that certifies their high level of language knowledge
Our teachers lived, studied or worked abroad or studied and communicated with native speakers
Our tutors have not less than 3 years of experience in teaching
We are in a constant search of a gifted teachers
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