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Foreign language for children

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The process of foreign language teaching for children includes itself some peculiarities. First of all, in preparing lesson for children teacher takes into account individual abilities to foreign language learning. The foreign learning process should be interesting and include visual, auditory, playful and conversational form of material presentation.

Foreign language for children on Skype

In our online school Friends School we teach children foreign language on Skype. This type of teaching has a lot of advantages:

  • Your child can learn any foreign language at any time convenient for him/her and his/her parents;
  • Course “Foreign language for children” is a new type of individual lessons, during these lessons teacher devotes all the attention only to your child;
  • Online courses focus on developing conversational skills, therefore a child speaks more than half of the lesson;
  • Teacher chooses topics that will be interesting and motivating for children and teens to express their opinion, due to this the process of foreign language learning goes easily and more efficiently;
  • Our online school offer your children one-on-one lessons with teacher at reasonable prices;
  • Learning foreign languages in our online school, you don’t need to buy expensive textbooks, as your teacher himself provides you with appropriate learning materials in electronic format;
  • This type of learning foreign language allows you to save your time, efforts and money.

Foreign languages learning on Skype

Learning foreign languages in our online school Friends School is a perfect opportunity to try a new effective type of lessons and broaden your outlook. During the foreign language lesson teacher applies audio and video materials, games and special communicative means and handbooks in order to make the process of foreign language learning bright, easy and captivating. Our school can offer your children to learn any foreign languages. We are always glad each new student.

    Depends on the set aims and targets of the education process
    Is conformed with the teacher as all our classes are individual
    60 or 90 minutes depending on the chosen schedule
    Of a high qualification and extensive teaching experience
    For the best result we recommend to take 2-3 lessons a week
    Modern textbooks, adapted to the Skype format
The course is designed for foreign languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • German
  • Romanian
Course fee
1 lesson
8 lessons
10 lessons
20 lessons
45 minutes
150 UAH
1200 UAH
1400 UAH
2600 UAH
60 minutes
180 UAH
1350 UAH
1600 UAH
3000 UAH
The price of the lesson can differ depending on teacher`s category and classification.
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A free lesson lasts 30 minutes. After a test session, you will agree with the teacher time, periodicity and duration of the course, taking into account own possibilities and recommendations teacher.
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