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Online school Friends school offers an opportunity to have individual lessons on Mathematics online. Due to modern technologies and careful input into curriculum, our math’s teachers have developed easy and effective programs on mathematics for schoolchildren, students, postgraduates and adults regardless of the profession and proposed goals. Individual lessons are conducted by highly qualified and experienced teachers from the school, colleges and universities, who can help you to maintain and enhance fundamental basis on mathematics that you can apply either in a further learning or in related studies.

Math on Skype

Math on Skype is a modern and effective method of teaching based on your current level and results-oriented.

  • Our online school offers a course for 5-11 grades’ schoolchildren that enables them to catch the school curriculum up and improve results on subject. Teacher will explain them how to deal difficult tasks in housework, helps to prepare for test.
  • Our online course provides you an opportunity to have intensive training on mathematics aimed at in-depth study of this subject.

Learning Math on Skype

During classes with online teacher predominates friendly and full of mutual understanding atmosphere. Thanks to Skype’s great video features, classes take place in lively interaction as if you are at a real classroom. The duration of classes is from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on student’s wishes and objectives. The explanation of material occurs with the help of visuals such as interactive board. The student can ask teacher questions and teacher will clarify any confused points. Teacher will give student home tasks in order to review all the material that has been learnt.

    Depends on the set aims and targets of the education process
    Is conformed with the teacher as all our classes are individual
    60 or 90 minutes depending on the chosen schedule
    Of a high qualification and extensive teaching experience
    For the best result we recommend to take 2-3 lessons a week
    Modern textbooks, adapted to the Skype format
Course fee
1 lesson
8 lessons
10 lessons
20 lessons
60 minutes
180 UAH
1250 UAH
1600 UAH
3000 UAH
90 minutes
220 UAH
1700 UAH
2000 UAH
3800 UAH
The price of the lesson can differ depending on teacher`s category and classification.
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A free lesson lasts 30 minutes. After a test session, you will agree with the teacher time, periodicity and duration of the course, taking into account own possibilities and recommendations teacher.
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