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Who is the target audience of our online courses

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Online school Friends School provides you with an opportunity to learn foreign languages individually.

The target audience of our online courses is:

  • Travelers – they can easily prepare for the trip to Europe and quickly overcome the language barrier;
  • Mothers – this type of learning enables to save time and have classes at any time convenient for them;
  • Students – they can add one more European language to their everyday life or thoroughly prepare for the exams;
  • People who have irregular work schedules, – now they can study at any time convenient for them;
  • People who are going to take up a permanent residence in Europe, business trip or study abroad;
  • Couples in love. If you have a romantic relationship with a foreigner, now you will be able to speak with your beloved one the same language.
  • Tourists – if you have returned from the trip and for the next time plan to communicate with natives in their native language;

Do you recognize yourself? Then join us!

Full-time courses and online school – what is the difference?

Online foreign language learning considerably distinguishes from traditional full-time classes. What happens during full-time classes?

  • Learning a foreign language in a group – this group can be big or small: some students can be weak and fulfil tasks carelessly or drag others “down”– why should you study with them?
  • Time – is a crucial factor in many aspects. Going by bus or on foot, – you waste time (in big cities 1-2 hours one way) going back and forth. You waste your time at lesson waiting for your turn when you listen to answer of your classmates. Somebody conscientiously learns from other people`s mistakes, but in most cases, we waste the time of a lesson drawing on the margins or “playing” with a smartphone;
  • System – you have to fulfil tasks on endless printouts for each lesson, which are always lost somewhere and thrown out;
  • Teacher – sometimes there are situations when it is difficult to reach a mutual understanding between a teacher and a student;
  • It is boring – lessons often are structured in such a way that the attention of students is distracted, eyes are getting heavy because it is not interesting.

Online foreign languages learning is modern and effective kind of lessons that has a lot of advantages compared with traditional, full-time lessons:

  • Individual lessons with a teacher at any time convenient for you;
  • You don’t waste time driving back and forth;
  • You shouldn’t adjust your knowledge, needs, interests to classmates or a teacher, who isn`t right for you;
  • You have face-to-face lessons and you are always in touch with a teacher;

Our classes are interesting and captivating, because our teachers like foreign languages and culture of the country, the language of which they teach and they want to share it with you!

We are for a comfortable learning process
  • 01 Individual selection of the teacher We will pick up a tutor that is right for you by age, sex, interests, and temperament. It is important to us that you enjoy learning a language.
  • 02 We create motivational environment All our teachers know how to form skills, what difficulties you may encounter, and constantly assists you in overseeing the learning process.
  • 03 Lead to the desired result Conscious study of the language with teachers in our school gives a clear idea of what you are doing and why so that you get a quality result.
  • 04 Your opinion is important for us You can personally influence the quality of education, your feedbacks and recommendations will help to create the highest level of satisfaction from the learning process.
  • 05 We follow the latest trends in education Our teachers follow and implement innovative methodological practices to achieve the highest result of our students in language learning.
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