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Russian is one of the most spread languages in the world and Europe by the number of native speakers. Online school Friends School invites you to learn Russian. In-depth study may be required in connection with your education process, or our teachers will help foreigners who are planning a trip to Russian-speaking countries to overcome the language barrier. Private lessons are taught by professional teachers, using the language of the intermediary.

Russian for foreigners via Skype

Online education is a modern and effective way of learning that allows you to study anytime regardless of location. Russian for foreigners via Skype is a great opportunity to obtain necessary communication skills as soon as possible. Modern technologies allow to conduct full lessons that include speaking, grammar, reading, listening to audio and watching videos. You can learn Russian via Skype when it`s convenient for you and regardless your level of the language.

Learn Russian for foreigners online

We invite to learn Russian for foreigners via Skype in the following courses:

  • General course of Russian for adults (from the Beginner to C2);
  • Russian speaking course for adults (Beginner to C2);
  • Business course of Russian;
  • Russian for tourists;
  • Russian for children;
  • Russian language courses in preparation for EIT, school exams, tests, etc.;
  • Russian language for dating.
Course fee
1 lesson
8 lessons
10 lessons
20 lessons
60 minutes
90 minutes
The price of the lesson can differ depending on teacher`s category and classification.

Teachers of Russian via Skype

Progress, motivation and terms of education depend on a teacher by 50%. Don`t waste your time, entrust your training to experts who passed our rigorous selection.
Inna Gavrilova
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian
Education:The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
Country:Kyiv, Ukraine
Irina Chistiakova
Languages: Italian, Russian
Education:University of Milan, Literature and Linguistics Department
Country:Odessa, Ukraine
Elena Matveeva
Languages: Italian, Russian
Education:State National University Filippo Re, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Country:Kyiv, Ukraine
Vera Svirediuk
Languages: English, German, Russian
Education:Kyiv National Linguistic University, Associate Professor of the Department of German Philology
Country:Vienna, Austria
Irina Sirotiuk
Languages: English, Russian
Education:Khmelnytskyi National University, Department of International Studies
Country:Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
Tatiana Grinko
Languages: Chinese, French, Russian
Education:Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Country:Kyiv, Ukraine
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