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Our online foreign languages school “Friends School” are able to provide not only foreign languages distance learning, but also high-quality translation of different types of texts and any complexity. Our translators deal with texts, relating to various subjects such as fiction, law, science and technology, and finances. Besides we are glad to offer you website translation service.

Translation cost

The final price for text translation depends on foreign language, interpreter deals with. You can contact with our managers on phone, by email, or on Skype and arrange about the exact price for translation before the order fulfillment. The price for translation is specified individually, as it depends on such peculiarities as:

  • translation from one foreign language into another;
  • translation editing;
  • translation formatting in order the content of obtained document reflects original language accurately;
  • translation printing and its recording on devices, chosen by customer (if it is necessary)

Mailing out the request for translation, please attach the document with text, needs translating and specify foreign language. Thereby, our managers can tell you the price for translation and timeframe within the request is fulfilled. It also should be mentioned the service of translation on an urgent basis.

We translate
  • technical documentation;
  • medical documentation;
  • financial documentation;
  • legal documentation;
  • website
  • other types of texts.
We translate from 10 languages
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • German
  • Romanian
How it works
  • 01 Contact us via Skype or phone
  • 02 Send the documents for translation via Skype or email
  • 03 Make the payment for the text or document
  • 04 We perform the translation and send it to you
Cost of translation
Translation agency
Usual document (1800 symbols)
Complex document (1800 symbols)
Russian or Ukrainian into English
120 UAH
150 UAH
Russian or Ukrainian into another foreign language
130 UAH
160 UAH
English into Russian or Ukrainian
250 UAH
300 UAH
Another foreign language into Russian or Ukrainian
300 UAH
350 UAH